How to Add A Direct message button For Twitter

Click To Direct Message In Twitter 

The addition of Click to Direct message in Twitter now makes it easier to take a conversation private from anywhere especially with the removal of the 140 character limit for direct messages.

This is the most recent of important changes Twitter has made to make it a go-to service channel for customer communications.

For social and mobile customers, messaging a company via social media channels such as Twitter is much easier and more convenient than traditional webchat on a desktop, a phone call, or an email.  And for businesses, it provides an easy to use, fast and low-cost option. 

Asking Customers To Direct Message You From Your App

The best bit is that the new Twitter deep link to initiate a private conversation can be used anywhere—including off Twitter. This makes it easy to encourage customers to initiate a private conversation through Twitter from your website or mobile app. All you need to do is create a button. 


Simply create a simple button, the one above is an example of a Primary button with an icon and text, and add the following direct link:{your_twitter_user id}

To find your User ID all you need to do is navigate to the Your Twitter data section in Settings and your User ID will be located right below your @username.

For more detailed instructions, go to Twitter’s help center article on it here.

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