How To Add A Signature Field To A Form

You can easily add a signature field to the forms you create for your Apps. This is really useful if you are creating an agreement, application, booking form or a model release. 

Here's how in a few easy steps:

  • Add a new empty form section or go to a form  you have already set up in your App
  • Click on the settings cog to open the form settings
  • On the shortcut menu on the left-hand side tap the "+" to add a new Field
  • In the Visual Design, the right column, tap the Type drop-down arrow and choose Signature from the list about halfway down.
  • Add a label for the new field eg "Signature" or whatever you want.
  • Add any user help text.
  • Tick the box to make it a required Field.
  • Drag the new signature field to the position in the form you want.
    Click Save.





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