Why Elite?

ELITE Subscriptions Provide over $2760 in Value!
With an elite subscription you get incredible value for a small price.   Here are just 10 ways (there are many more) you can use an elite subscription and the typical cost you would incur using an alternative product for those functions.
1.   Create the most power apps in the industry ($29/month)
2.   Create interactive forms ($19/month)
3.   Sell with shopping carts ($20/month)
4.   Create your websites ($18/month)
5.   Create slideshows ($22/month)
6.   Create magazines ($19/month)
7.   Create lead pages ($25/month)
8.   Sell with the In Person Sales ($28/month)
9.   Use the CRM module to mange your clients and their appointments  ($25/month)
10.   Use the contest model to find new clients  ($25/month)
You would need to spend over $230 a month ($2760 per year) to get the value you are getting with a MyPhotoApp elite subscription.   Even if you were only using 1/2 of the features, it would still be totally worth it.   And if you are not using at least 1/2, your business is not running on all cylinders.   Get an elite subscription today and get jiggy with it. 
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