CRM & Form Integration

Form Integration  

MPA forms can now automatically create New client record in CRM. This feature is available in the Form, Pop-up, Welcome and Photo contest sections. 

In the form settings menu, you will see a CRM field checkbox, if it is checked, the form data will be added to CRM Client Rolodex.

The form field names need to match the CRM field names as follows:



For example if you had a tck box fieled  wiht genres of photography people were . interested in you would call that tags or notes and it will be added. 

You can have multiple fields with the name tags and all the field entries will be added as tags in the CRM client record. 

Minimum Data Required

The form must collect a minimum of a name & email for new clients to be added to the CRM module. 

Additional form fields that do not match any of the CRM field headings will be ignored and cannot be added to the CRM Record. But this data will still be available in the Form Data Tab an can be downloaded as  a CSV file for your records.  Form Data is saved on the MPA server for 180 days. 

When is a new Client Record created?

Forms will only add new records, it won't update or merge content into existing records. If there is already a client record in the Rolodex with the exact same Name and Email the form data is not added as it is considered a duplicate.  So if "Jim Cook"  is already in the Rolodex the form data will be ignored and if  he submits two forms, only the first will be added as a new client and the second not so you will only get 1 record.  

So if you run a lead magnet using a form every time someone submits a form it gets added to the CRM unless the person is a previous client who is already in the client Rolodex and then nothing happens.

Currently, there is no notification if a form entry is not added to the CRM Client Rolodex and the only way to check for duplicates is to compare the form data with a search of the Rolodex for client entries added by a particular App's form.   You can then manually import the updated information if it is different. 

How to use CRM Form Integration

With the new CRM form integration, you can create a "keep notified of updates" form and when people submit their form it would add them to CRM.   

For example, you could create a pop up asking people is they would like to be kept notified when the information in the App is updated. This is a great way of keeping clients engaged and the next best thing to push notifications at this time. 

Filter the client Rolodex to show everyone who responded to that form and then send them a group message or email. 

The source of the data in the CRM Client Rolodex is the name of the App, so you can do a search query for the app name to filter the Rolodex to show all the people who were interested in that app and were added to the CRM and then broadcast to them via email or SMS message. 


Stay In touch with Your clients on the Move

You can now check your client Rolodex and send email and text messages via the CRM App on your mobile device  this is the app URL to save:

Currently you will require aninternett connection to access this information. 

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