Shared Template Permissions - sharing apps with other users

By default, when you create an app, no other MyPhotoApp user can make a copy of it for their use.   Even if they know the name of the app.  

In previous releases, you could name apps with the suffix _template and if other users knew the name, they could make a copy.  

Starting with version 8.5, you now have more control over who can get access to your apps.   This is great for people who create great apps and want to sell them.  

When you create an app (without the suffix _template), you can specify which MyPhotoApp users can have access to the app.   You do this by going into the builder and clicking on the "app sharing button".

that is the lower right hand corner of the builder tab screen.

You will then be able to enter either a * to specify everyone can have access to your app, or you can specify individual email addresses of MyPhotoApp users, separated by a comma, who can have access.

If you are selling apps, for each person who purchases a copy, you would enter their email address.   

Once you shared the app with someone, tell them to get a copy of your app, in their builder, click on the create app button, give it a name, and then enter brand.appname in the shared template field.

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