The INDEX app

It is now possible to create an Index App that will be displayed by default if someone enters an App URL with just your MPA Brand.

For example, normally your app URL would be something like:

If you enter - without the app name - you will get an error message.   But if you create an Index App,  when you enter the index App will be displayed instead.   

To create an Index App simply create the App as you want and call it index (all lower case), it will now become the default app for the MPA brand it was created in.   In future the index app will be displayed when people do not specify an App name in the URL.  

You can create an Index App for each MPA brand ID you have. 

This is a very useful feature when used in conjunction with custom URLs ... and in particular, type 2 custom URLs.

Because you can now create a custom URL, such as  and when people use that URL it will automatically bring up the Index app.  

version 8.4

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