The App Creation and Distribution Process

This is an overview of the process to build and distribute apps.

(1) You use a computer web browser to access the MyPhotoApp builder program to create your app.   The creation process is composed of designing your app and then uploading your content (photos, music, etc.).  If you have already design your apps for your brand, you can save that as a template, so for subsequent apps, you can skip over the design process and just use your template and just upload content to speed up the app creation process.

(2) When you are happy with the app you created in the builder, you publish it by pressing a single button in the builder.   The publish process will take your design and produce a working app and provide a unique URL for that app that you will share with your clients.   The publish process will also provide a sample email that you can send to your clients to make it even easier for you.

Here is a link that goes into the build process in more detail:

(3) Your clients will open the app URL that you provide them in their mobile browser, safari for IOS devices, or Chrome for android devices.  If you provide them the URL via an email or a text message, they just need to press the URL to open it. 

(4) The app will start up on their device and the first time they open the app on the device via the URL, it will provide them with instructions on how to install the app on their device so that it will be on their home screen and always available at the touch of a button.   The app install process is simple and only takes a few clicks.

Here is are the actual instructions on how to install apps on mobile devices:





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