How To Add An Install App Button

When your clients first view their App on a mobile device the Install App Dialog box will appear and prompt them to save the App to their home screen. 

But this only appears ONCE so if they miss it they may not understand how to install their App.

You can make it easier for your clients to install their Apps by adding a SAVE APP button (available from regular subscription up).  MyPhotoApp has a quick and easy automatic install dialog you can assign to a new button in just a few quick steps.   

  1. Click on Add Section and then click on Buttons to add a new Buttons section to your App.  
  2. Click on the new Buttons section at the bottom of the layout column to open the open the button settings menu and click on text button to add a new text button to the section. 
  3. By default, it will use the color scheme from your brand quick setup so click on icon color and text color to change it to what you want.  
  4. Next, choose the icon size from the drop down list.
  5. Once you are happy with the settings click on the button to edit it. The label will currently be BUTTON so click in the label field and remove this and type in the new label you want e.g. SAVE APP.  Then click on the drop down arrow for button type and select Install Dialog
  6. Click Save  to return to the Button settings and you will see the renamed button, click Save again to exit button settings and save your changes. 

You have now added an install App button to help your clients. Here are some examples of  the dialog they will see when they click the button.

If they are viewing the App on an iPhone or iPad they will see this -  

If they are viewing the App on an android phone this is what they will see-


and if they are viewing the App on a PC they will get this message - 





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