How Do I Add A Link To A Logo Section?

Logo sections behave a little differently to a standard Image section, this is because they are designed to work with your Brand Set up and automatically remember the logo image you upload or the text you entered as an alternative and use this every time you create a new App.  

It's not possible to add a link or caption to a Logo image.  Clicking on a Logo section in the Visual Designer allows you to upload a different jpeg to use as the logo or type in a Text Style Logo that will be used for that App only.  To permanently change your logo click on Quick Setup

But you can add a link to an Image section. So to add a link to your Logo you will need to replace the Logo section with a standard image section instead (available from the regular subscription level).  Once you have uploaded your Logo jpeg click on the image in the visual designer. This will bring up a dialog where you can add a link so that when a person clicks on the Logo image, it will take them to the URL that you have specified.

To permanently replace your Logo section with an image section and the link you wish to use  e.g. your home page you will need to update the default template for new Apps by following these steps:  

  1. Click on Create App and type in a suitable name to create a new app based on your current default template.
  2. Delete the Logo Section.
  3. Add a new Image section and drag it to the top of your App or where ever you wish it to be.
  4. Upload  the Jpeg image for the Logo you want to use.
  5. Click on the logo image in the Visual Designer to open the dialog box and type in the link you wish to assign to it. for example to link to your Facebook page you would need to add something like this -    Tick the open image in a new window box if you want and then click SAVE.
  6. You can now take the opportunity to make any additional changes you want to the sections  you wish to have in future new Apps
  7. When you are happy with your layout click on Save As template in the layout column and in the first option click on Save As default Template.

You have now updated you default template so every time you create a new App it will now have your new 'logo' with the link you added.   To test it simply click on create App and save a new App - it should now look just like the one you customized. 

To change the 'logo' for individual Apps just upload the new jpeg image you want to use and then add the link you wish to use for that particular App and it will only apply to that App.


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