How To Add A PDF Document Using The PDF Section

In the latest update to the MPA builder a new PDF Section has been added to the Professional Subscription Section. This allows you to add PDF Files to your Apps for viewing.  This is useful if you have already created a PDF price guide or an e-brochure that you would like to use.

There are two ways of adding a PDF file using a PDF section:

  • By linking to a PDF already hosted online or
  • By uploading a PDF to your MyPhotoApp Resource list

Here is how to add a PDF using the new PDF section:

1. Click on the Add Section icon and choose PDF from the list of layout sections, you will find it under the Professional subscription section.

2. Click on the Setting Cog in the layout sections to open the edit PDF Settings menu. (you won't see it in the layout design until you have added the PDF)

3.  To Add a PDF do one of the following:

     Link to a PDF already hosted somewhere online - such as your website

  • Locate the PDF resource you wish to add to your App and highlight and copy the full URL including the http:// part. Paste the full URL for the PDF into the URL field. 

  • Enter a specific height for the PDF section in pixels or leave this field blank to apply the default setting which is 60% of the width of the app - the same as for an Iframe. 
  • Click Save - the online PDF resource will be located and displayed in the Visual Display area.

NOTE: When you link to a PDF hosted online it will only be displayed IF the device the App is viewed on is online.  To make the PDF available offline you need to upload it as a Resource instead. This option is only available if your Apps are hosted on the MyPhotoApp server. If you have set up a custom URL for your MPA Brand you will need to host the PDF document online and link to it.  

      Upload a PDF file as a Resource

  • From the PDF Settings menu Click on the Edit Section Settings button in the lower left and then click on the Resources Icon.
  • Drag or browse to select the PDF file you wish to upload.

  • Once complete copy the Full URL generated in the resource list for the uploaded PDF file.
  • Click Return and Paste the URL into the URL field.
  • Click Save - the PDF will be displayed in the Visual Display area.

NOTE: Resource files must not be larger than 5mb in size and need simple file names consisting of letters and number without any spaces and no special characters followed by 1 period and the 3 letter file suffix e.g. priceguide2016.pdf

Once the PDF file is displayed in the Visual Display area you can view it in one of two ways:-

  1. As a pop-out  - Click the pop-out symbol in the top right- hand corner to open a new browser window and display the PDF file. 
  2. By Zooming in  - Click on the magnifying glass symbol in the top right-hand corner to zoom in on the PDF file in the Visual display area. Use the slider to adjust the magnification and the scroll bars to navigate the document.  click the magnifying glass again to zoom out.  

When you have finished adding content Publish the App to test it. 

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