Troubleshooting - Help I Can't Find My App!

Ocassionally you may encounter a glitch when working in the MyPhotoApp Builder. These are most often Browser or connection related; we always do our best to keep up with all the changes and to minimise any problems when we add new features. 

If you suddenly have problems renaming or duplicating an App or suddenly can't find an App it may be because of a problem with your browser or your session so try the following troubleshooting steps:-

  1. Make sure you have allowed enough time for the action you were doing. Remember renaming and duplicating Apps can take a considerable time depending on how much content, and in particular, how many images, are in the App.
  2. Try refreshing your browser - this can often solve the problem as it's just lagged behind changes you made.
  3. Log out of MyPhotoApp and log in again.
  4. Try using a different browser to log into MyPhotoApp

If none of the above have solved your problem then please submit a support ticket right away and we will get on to solving it for you.


You can do that by clicking help in the top right of the builder and clicking the Submit a support ticket Button at the bottom of the screen. Enter the details of the problem and include the name of any Apps you are having problems with. Please include both the original and new name of any Apps you were duplicating or renaming.  then click send ticket to MyPhotoApp support.

Alternatively you can email 



Keywords: App disassppeared  


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    Lucy Montesano

    Please help me find my app, tried everything, this happens all the time.

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