Can I Add High Quality Photo to an App For My Clients To Download?

Q:  Can I use an App to allow my clients to download high-quality copies of the photographs from their session?

A:  Clients can download any of the App images they want.  But you cannot add high-quality Images to a gallery in an App.  This is because MyPhotoApp will automatically resizes larger images to a maximum size of 2048px on the long side to ensure that the App can be loaded within an acceptable time.   

However, you can use an app to provide links to the high quality images stored elsewhere, for example in a client gallery on your website.     There are several ways you could do this:-

  • Add a Custom Button with a link to the clients web gallery 
  • Add a link to individual images to take them to the high quality image.
  • Add a Submit Favourites Button and send a link to the client for their selected images in your client gallery or website or even drop box or other file sharing option. 

check out these resources on how to do some of these things:-

To create a text Button:-

How To Add A text Button

To use a submit favorites button for client proofing:-

How To Use MyPhotoApp As A Proofing System

To add a Link to a Gallery Image:-

Ho Do You Add A Link To A Gallery Image?


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