How Do My Clients Download & Share An App?

Q:  When I make an App for a client, how do they download and save it?  

A:  When you have finished designing an App you need to Publish it and this provides the unique App URL and a sample email that you can customize to send to your client to share the App.  It is called a Web App, the App URL  is made up of three elements:-

  • The server address where the App is stored this is the default MyPhotoApp server unless you have set up a Custom URL for the Brand ID on your account

  • The brand ID where the App was created     


  • and lastly the name of the App


When your client clicks on the App URL it will open the App via their browser and if they are on a mobile device they will be prompted to save the App to their Home screen. After they have installed the App it will appear as an App Icon on their device,  with the image you selected displayed.  Once they have viewed all the photos they will be saved and the App can be viewed offline. 


Q:  Can they share the App so others can download it as well?

A:   Yes they can share the App URL with others. The easiest way to do so is by using the share buttons that can be added to your App.  Apps can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Email or even by text.

This makes it really easy for your clients to share their App and photos and thereby promote your business with no App store hassle.

Here is an example App for you to explore

Open it up in Safari on an IOS device, or Chrome on an Android or Windows device and follow the instructions that will appear to install the App on your device.

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