Ken Burns Gallery Layout

The Ken Burns gallery layout lets you display your pictures with motion in a square gallery layout. 

By default the images have a small amount of movement, but you can specify the start and end position of the motion by editing the gallery section and then right clicking on each image to specify the start and end position of the display.

If you are zooming in on the images and they appear pixelated, you may want to upload larger gallery images with 2048 pixels on the long side.  

You can only have one gallery using the ken burns layout per app.  

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    Bill Tucker

    This virtually eliminates the need for a video... I was going to renew my video app and I think I will wait... may I assume you will be adding features to this? by the way.. where does the name "ken burns" come from?

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    Jim Cook

    Like everything in MyPhotoApp... things evolve over time. :-)

    Ken Burns ->

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