Using Drag and Drop to Organize Apps, Folders, Images and Sections in the Builder

'Drag and Drop' is something we are all used to using and you can use this method in the Builder to help you quickly organize different elements and content in your Apps.

Here ae some examples of how to use drag and Drop:

Organize Apps & Folders

In the App Navigator area

  • Reorder individual Apps by dragging until the blue line is where you want it
  • Drag individual Apps into Folders
  • Drag folders to the position you want in the list
  • Drag a folder into another folder to create groups.


Organize Your Images

In the Visual Design or Gallery Settings Window

  • Reorder individual images in a gallery
  • Drag individual images to the trash can
  • Drag an image to the App Icon to use it

Upload from an external folder location

  • Drag selected images to the upload jpeg icon to add as a Logo, to a gallery or to an image section


Organize Layout Sections within an App

In the Layout Sections area

  • Reorder individual Layout Section in an App
  • Reorder individual Sections in a Form or Page
  • Reorder individual items in Form Sections
  • Move highlighted text for text-based Sections in the Edit Settings Window
  • Reorder Contact and other Buttons in the Edit Settings window
  • Save a section as a Custom Layout Section by dragging it to the Add Sections Icon

So get organised with Drag and Drop

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