Rename, Duplicate (make copy) or Delete An App

Tip: If you change the operation type to duplicate you will get a new identical app with the new name you enter.  

Once you have created an App you can easily rename, duplicate or delete it.

To rename or duplicate an App

  1. Right click (control+click on a mac) on the App in the App Navigator in the Apps column and choose Rename or Duplicate from the menu.
  2. Next choose Rename or Duplicate from the operation type drop-down menu and type in a suitable name and click Rename or Duplicate App to finish. 

Duplicating an App is an easy way to use an App as a template as you will get an identical app with the new name you enter. 

Note:  If you rename an App that you have already published and shared with your clients or others the App will no longer work on their devices. You will need to resend a link to the renamed App for them to install it again under the new name.


To Delete an App

  1. Right click on the App in the App Navigator in the Apps column and choose Delete from the menu.
  2. A warning dialogue will appear click:
    • Yes delete App to confirm the action and proceed or
    • Cancel to keep the App

Tip: You can also change the App Setting from Private to Public on the Menu that appears when you right-click the App.


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