The Logo Section

The Logo section behaves a little differently to a standard Image section, this is because it is designed to work with your Brand Set up and automatically remember the Jpeg image you upload as your logo or the text you entered as an alternative and use this every time you create a new App.  

A Logo section is included in the MPA  default template.

You can ONLY upload a jpeg image to a logo section. The recommended size of the logo is 1280 x 280 pixels, but it can be anything you want.   You should consider the maximum computer size you have specified for your App when choosing your logo image dimensions. 

If you want to use a PNG, Gif or add a link to your logo image you should replace the logo section with an image section which allows you to use these options.   

No Logo No Worries

If you are new in business and don't have a logo image file yet, you can easily get around that.   click on the settings cog for the logo section and add your business name or whatever text you wish to use in the  Logo Text to use until you get your logo sorted. 

If you have already uploaded a jpeg as your logo adding type in the Logo Text overrides the image file and the text will be displayed instead useful if you only want to use text for some Apps. 

Sometimes you might want to use your business name in a fancy Text style at the top of your App instead of a logo.  You can do this by deleting the Logo section, or by moving it to the bottom of the App instead, and then add a Title section. In the Title section settings, You can select a cool font and color for your logo and even add your tag-line as subtitles. 

To have your new 'logo' section added to future new Apps remember to update the default template with the template you wish to use.   Create a new blank App make the changes you want and click save as template and update the default template. 


If you want to add a link to your logo image you can replace the logo section with an image section instead.  To find out more about using an image section for your logo check out this article. 

How Do I Add A Link To A Logo Section?



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