Creating Squeeze and Lead Pages With MyPhotoApp Course

Nick Porcaro just created an incredible course on how to create high converting lead pages with MyPhotoApp. In case you don't know who Nick is, besides being a leading senior photographer, he is the owner of Senior Inspire and a social marketing guru. He knows his stuff on how to use social media to drive traffic to his studio.  

I asked Nick to write up information about his course and here it is... in Nick's own words: 

I recently received a message from a client telling me how much they enjoyed the smartphone app I built for them using MyPhotoApp. I was smiling ear to ear, reading their message when something amazing dawned on me…

I first captured this client’s contact information using a lead page I also built with MyPhotoApp!!

So, my first and last touch of this client came through MyPhotoApp!! And they had nothing but good things to say about their experience!!

We all know MyPhotoApp can be used to create incredible apps for our clients that look fantastic on mobile devices!

But if you’re not also using MyPhotoApp to create marketing lead pages to attract new clients to your business… You are completely missing out!!

With its advanced forms features as well as email list automation, auto responders and multi-page capabilities, the pro version of MyPhotoApp has all the tools you need to build incredible, super charged lead pages that will grow both your email list and your business.

When I talk to other photographers about the way I’ve been using MyPhotoApp to build my business and grow my mailing list, most of them seem surprised!

They had no idea how much power was under the hood of MyPhotoApp!

That’s why I created my new course, Creating Lead Pages That Convert – Using the MyPhotoApp builder to create effective lead pages that will attract more clients and grow your photography business.

In this course I’m going to teach you, step by step, how to create your own high converting lead pages using the pro version of MyPhotoApp.

I’m convinced once you see how easy it is to create great looking lead pages with MyPhotoApp, you’re going to find tons of uses for them. Things like your Model Rep Program, running contests, exploring new potential lines of business and good old email list building!

In addition to nine step by step video tutorials, I’m also including three lead page templates you can use to get started creating your own pages super quickly. No need to recreate the wheel! Just drag your images into one of my templates, add your contact information and you’ll be able to create your own beautiful pages in less than ten minutes.

The tutorials included in this course will give you exactly what you need to make the whole process simple and get you up and running in no time!

The price for the course is just $39, but you’ll earn at least 10-30x that amount with your first senior sale!

The link to enroll is . You can also see the include templates in action by checking out the promo video on the course enrollment page.

I can’t wait to see what everyone does with these! I’m predicting big things for 2016!!!


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    Liane Candice

    The course link is no longer working

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