How To Setup Your Brand And Color Scheme

The Quick Setup Menu

The quick setup menu makes it easy to customize your MyPhotoApp Brand to match your business branding in just a few simple steps. It is also where you add all the key contact information you will need when creating Apps. 

By default,  MyPhotoApp sets up your main brand using the company name you entered when you signed up, so all you need to do is add your business information by completing the Quick Setup steps.

If you created your first App using the Wizard you may have already set some of the basic information such as adding your logo and contact telephone number and email address. To add the rest of your information, choose one of the apps you have already created and click the Quick Setup Button at the top of the Layout column.   Changes you make will automatically be applied to the selected App. 

The Brand Quick Setup menu lets you can add the following information:-

  • Logo
  • Contact information
  • Social Media Account information and 
  • Brand Color scheme.

These will then be saved for future use and every time you create a new App in this Brand this information will automatically be applied for you. 




Adding Your Business Logo

The first thing to do, if you didn't do it in the wizard, is add your logo or the header image you wish to use. The logo file must be in jpeg format and the minimum recommended size for a logo file is 1024 x 280 pixels, this is the size of the default MyPhotoApp logo currently shown in your App. This is just a suggestion and your logo can be any size you want but, remember your App is designed to be displayed on mobile devices and your logo should not be so tall that it takes up the majority of the screen or too small to be noticed.  

You can either drag and drop your logo file onto the file upload box, or click on the box and browse to where the logo file is on your computer and select it.   In this example, I've selected Jim's Photography business logo - Cook Designer Portraits - which is 900 x 313 pixels. 


Add Your Contact Details

Next, we need to specify your contact information.  The default App template provides two contact buttons, one to contact you via email and the other to contact you by phone.  So we need to enter this information, type your email address and your telephone number in the relevant fields so it should look like this.


Tip: It's easy to add additional buttons to your app for other means of contact, for example, a button so people can text a message to you or landline and mobile phone buttons.   Check out the knowledge base on how to add various types of buttons when you are ready to do so. 

Setup Your Brand Color Scheme

The last item to setup is your brand color scheme.  There are two ways to do this

  1. Type in the color code number if you know what it is or
  2. Select a color from the color picker.

The most reliable method is to use color codes as it will ensure the color scheme used in your Apps is identical to your color scheme on your webpage, business cards, and other marketing resources.  If you don't have the color code numbers or a defined color scheme other than your logo you can select a color from the color picker.  Once you have selected a color, the color number will be displayed, and you can make a note of this for future reference.

Tip: If you haven't got a complete color scheme for your Brand other than your logo open this in a photo editing program, like Photoshop, and click on one of the colors with the eyedropper tool to select it. This will then provide the color code number. Repeat this step for each color in your logo and make a note of the color code numbers for future use.

Check Out Your Branding

MyPhotoApp will apply the changes to the current App you are working on which in this example is the Kelsie App I created in the first step by step guide How To Get Started With MyPhotoApp. Once you have entered all your brand information in the quick setup click Done to see your updated App in the visual design area, it should now reflect your business branding like this.  Awesome! You can update your brand information at any time by clicking on the Quick setup button but changes will ONLY apply to the App you are currently working on and future Apps.

Tip: Remember the changes you make in the builder are not available to your clients until you press the Publish button and update the published version of the App.  When you republish an App any installed versions of that App will be automatically updated when they are opened and an internet connection is available. 


Update Your App

OK so let's publish your App and take a look at the changes.   It should look fantastic now it has the customized business branding on it.  Click on the contact buttons to check out the features. Great you've now finished your first App and published the changes.

From now on your brand information will be applied to all new Apps you create.  But any subsequent change you make to your brand information will not be applied to Apps that you have already created.  To apply new information to existing Apps, you will need to manually add it. You can do this by selecting the App clicking on Quick setup and then done

Customize Copyright Information

OK so now you have setup your basic branding information you just need to add your information to the copyright section at the bottom of the App.

To do this click on the Settings Cog next to the copyright section in the Layout Sections Area to edit the information.  As you can see the text and link for the default copyright information "Images © 2017" is already entered.  You can now add or amend the information as you like. I'm just going to add the company name Cook Designer Portraits, like this, and click  SAVE. So now your Copyright information at the bottom of the App looks something like this.

Create A New App With Your Branding

To check out your branding  let's quickly create a new App by clicking the Create App button, jgive it a name and then click Create New App.   As you can see, it has the new branding information you entered instead of the default MyPhotoApp branding you saw when you created your first App. Wasn't that easy and quick!    

So building future Apps is as simple as 1, 2, 3.  

  1. Create the App
  2. Add images, and
  3. Publish the App

It really is that simple.   


You can add more customization such as SEO, background images, and colors, set the App Max width on computer etc. by clicking on the Layout Settings button to explore all the options. These can be applied to just the App you are working on or to the default template which will be used for all future new Apps by clicking the appropriate button. 

MyPhotoApp is also designed to connect with many of your existing tools click on the setup tab to easily link your Mail Chimp and Postmark account. You can also find the option here to set up a custom URL – this allows you to create white label Apps that show your own domain details in the App URL instead of the default MyPhotoApp one. You can set a unique custom URL for each Brand you have created. 

If you decide you would like to set up a custom URL It’s probably easier to do this when you start using MyPhotoApp and before you have shared any of your Apps with clients this allows you to get the shortest App URL without any disruption to existing Apps.  Alternately you can create a new brand for your custom URL when you are ready to proceed or choose the alternative custom URL method that includes your MyPhotoApp brand ID in it.     If the thought of tackling this seems daunting why not take advantage of the new white glove service and have it all set up for you so you can get your off to a flying start.  


Click below to learn more about what is included and how to sign up:

white glove service

You are now ready to create your next awesome MyPhotoApp. To get off to a flying start your first goal should be to create personalized Photo Apps for your past clients. This is a great way to reconnect, introduce your new products to people and say thank you for their business.

For inspiration or sample templates to start building awesome Apps click on the Template Tab and browse the Template bazaar.

So until next time have a great day and enjoy building your next MyPhotoApp.


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