Button Section Overview

The button section lets you add buttons to your app which people can press to do various things.  There are three different button styles, Standard, Custom, and Text.  Also there are 5 types of things that each button can do. 

Lets go over the various styles:

  1. Standard Buttons - Standard buttons is one of over 500 built in icons that you can choose from.  These icons have a modern flat style and can represent almost anything you can think of.  The button colors can be adjusted to match your color scheme.  Here is just a sampling of the various icons you can choose from:
  2. Custom Buttons - Custom buttons can be any image you want it to be.  You provide a link to an image file and that has the button image and MyPhotoApp will use it.
  3. Text Buttons - Text buttons are buttons that have words in them. Here is an example of a text button that is colored red and has the word stop in it. 

Each button style can do one of 5 things:

  1. Link - The link type is very powerful and do many things such as take the person to a website, make a telephone call on a mobile telephone, send a text message on a mobile phone, send an email, display pages and dialogs.   Here is an article that goes into the various links in more detail. https://myphotoapp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/212407668
  2. Text Box - Will cause box to pop up and display text inside that box.  This is useful for providing pop-up instructions, help, or information.
  3. Lock App - This will cause the app to lock.  A locked app is an app that requires a password to access the app on the mobile device.
  4. Toggle - This will let you toggle the visibility of a section.  If a section is hidden, press the button and it will become visible.  If the section is visible, it will hide it. 
  5. Show Liked Images - This type is used in conjunction with the proofing capabilities of MyPhotoApp.  Press this button and a gallery of images will appear.  The images in the gallery are all of the images that were liked. 


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