Websites, Pages and Menus

One of the Powerful tools MyPhotApp offers is the ability to add pages to your Apps.

We have several videos available to help you get started with adding pages to your Apps; navigate using menus: and how to build cool, fast loading responsive, mobile websites  with the power of MyPhotoApp pages 

So click on the links below to discover how to get started with pages

How to build mobile websites using pages:

How to navigate to pages using a menu that is automatically built:

How to navigate to pages using links:


Is there a limit on how many pages an App can have?

There is no limit to the number of pages you can add to an App, but as with most things its a trade off and there is a cost to benefit ratio to consider. If you add a whole bunch of pages with a ton of content on them, this will cause your App to be slower to load.  Now that may be OK in some circumstance and in others it may cause your clients to  lose interest.   In general, an App with one page and 100 images on it will load in just about the same time as an App with 100 pages with only 1 image on each.  

So it pays to consider the amount of content the pages will use and how many pages will work well for the design you have in mind. 

Can I organise my pages in groups?

MyPhotoApp supports 1 level of nesting so you can organise your Apps under heading pages to make it easier to navigate and organise them. 

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