Synchronize Folders and Galleries

This function only works when using the chrome browser because firefox and safari don't support this enhanced functionality like chrome does.  Yea chrome! 

If you drag a folder, instead of a file (or set of files) to a gallery upload area of the builder, a sync will be performed.

The contents of the folder on your computer and the gallery will be synchronized.  That is:

  • files in the folder that are not in the app gallery will be added to the gallery.
  • files in the app gallery that are not in the folder will be deleted.
  • files that have been changed in the folder will be replaced in the gallery.

The first time you sync a folder with a gallery, all of the files will be uploaded.   The next time you sync, only changed or new files will be uploaded. 

You can only sync one folder at a time.  If you try and drag more than one folder, or a mixture of folders and files, MyPhotoApp will report an error on each folder that you are trying to upload. 

Syncing is only on demand. Each time you want to sync the folder and the gallery, you will need to drag and drop the folder.  


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