How to load a shared template

If you have the name of a shared template, you can load it by going to the builder tab and clicking on the Create App button.

The CREATE NEW APP dialog will open

  1. Give your App a name
  2. In the USE SHARED TEMPLATE enter the name of the shared template e.g. jsphoto.senior_template 
  3. Click CREATE NEW APP  to create an App using the SHARED TEMPLATE.  
  4. Customise the app with our own Logo, contact details, and colour scheme
  5. Save as a new template for future use

Shared templates names always have the following orm:   brand.name_template  

The brand. is the name of the brand in which the template is located, e.g. jsphoto. and the name_template follows the same convention as your own templates consisting of the App name and the _template  suffix e.g. senior_template.   

Sharing Your own Apps

If you want to share one of your templates wiht other MyPhotoApp users all you need to do is share the template name prefixed with your brand and a period.  like this  jsphoto.senior_template  

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