Form Auto Reply Emails

When you create a form, you can have MyPhotoApp automatically send an email to the person once it has been completed.

To add an email reply, the form needs an email input field.  When you add that input field, select the Send reply email to this address option so that MyPhotoApp knows this is the email address that the replay should be sent to.

Next, add a Client Reply Email field.    This is where you type in the email response. Since this is a markdown field, you can make your replies pretty with bold and other formatting features.

To personalize the reply, you can insert form fields into the reply.  You do so by using the syntax {xxx}  where xxx is the name of the input field.

For example, if you have a field named F1 where the user types in their name, then in the reply, you could have something like:

Dear {f1},

Thank you for submitting the form.

Regards, Jim

Finally, if you want these emails to come from you instead of MyPhotoApp, you will need to setup a Postmark account.   Here is info on how to do that.


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