Adding custom Dialog messages to your Apps

A dialog is a pop up box that displays some text.  

For example, when a client submits a form, you may want to provide a specific message to the client.   You can use a dialog for that purpose. 

You create a dialog box by using a markdown. text or document section.  here re instruction for doing so in a Markdown section:

Add a markdown section and put in it the text you want to display.  

In the MarkDown settings panel, click the "edit section settings" button.

In the section settings, make the section invisible and enter a unique name in the label field.  

You have created a dialog.  

To trigger a dialog, anywhere you can specify a link (e.g. via text, a button, a markdown section, a form success url, etc...), put in the link dialog:labelname where the label name is the value you put in the label: field of the dialog.  


Here is a video on how to create a custom dialog message

create a custom message for your eforms

keywords: markup resources

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