Various Link Types

The link input permits an action to happen once the content in the section is pressed.  For example, you can press a button and it will go to whatever the link points to - a web page, open a form, submit a form or send an email, or open up a page or different section in the App.    Here is the syntax that you type into the link field depending on what kind of action you want to happen.

Here are some Examples of the Syntax you can use for various link types.

To navigate to and show a section or page:  show:label of section/page

To show a section or a page when a password is entered:  show:label,password

Link to Web Page:

Send an email:

Send an email with subject:

Send an email with subject and body:

Call on Telephone: tel:800-555-1212

Send a Text Message: sms:800-555-1212

To navigate to a page section: show:label-of-page

To display a dialog section: dialog:label-of-dialog

To display the default install dialog:  show:installdialog

To download Gallery Images as Zip file:  downloadgallery:gallerylabel

To download a file uploaded as a Resource:    download:http://url-of-file

Downloads will work on browsers other than Safari and Internet Explorer.  For Safari (IOS devices) and IE browsers, a new window will open.   This is a current limitation of the browsers and once they come up to HTML5 standards, then the download feature will work. It's a good idea to add some text to instruct users to make sure they have opened the app in an alternative browser if you wish to utilize the download feature. 

If you put %URL% as part of the link, it will get replaced with the URL of the app. if you put %ICON% as part of the link, it will get replaced with the URL of the icon image.


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