Various Link Types

The link input permits an action to happen once the section is pressed.  For example, you can press a button and it will go to a webpage, or send an email, or even open up a page.    Here is the syntax that you type into the link field depending on what kind of action you want to happen.

Syntax for various link types.

Link to Web Page:

Send an email:

Send an email with subject:

Send an email with subject and body:

Call on Telephone: tel:800-555-1212

Send a Text Message: sms:800-555-1212

To navigate to a page section: page:lable-of-page

To display a dialog section: dialog:lable-of-dialog

To download a file: download:http://url-of-file

Downloads will work on non-safari browsers or IE browsers.  for Safari (IOS devices) and IE browsers, a new window will open.   This is a current limitation of the browsers and once they come up to HTML5 standards, then the download will work.

If you put %URL% as part of the link, it will get replaced with the URL of the app. if you put %ICON% as part of the link, it will get replaced with the URL of the icon image.

NOTE:  In version 8.5 for the Title and Image section has an additional link syntax.  show:section_name   Where section_name can be name (label) of a page section, dialog section, any hidden section, or a gallery.   Show currently only works on image or title sections.   

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