How To Add A PDF To Your App Using An Iframe

The easiest way to add a PDF file to your App is to use the New PDF section  which allows you to link or upload your PDF as a new resource.   Resource files must not exceed 5mb in size.

To find out how to do this click the link below:

How To Add A PDF Using The New PDF Section 

If your PDF file is larger than 5mb or you would prefer to link your App to a PDF resource you already have on your website or that is hosted somewhere else on the web you can still do so by embedding it into your App using an Iframe if you prefer. 

Here are the steps:


  1. Locate the PDF resource you wish to add to your App and highlight and copy the full URL including the http:// part.
  2. Add an IFRAME section to your app and drag it to the location you want.
  3. Click on Specify Iframe Source in the Visual Design or the Settings Cog on the Iframe section to open the EeditSsection dialogue.
  4. In the URL field paste the full URL for the web PDF you wish to embed and click Save.
  5. Publish the App to view the result.

You should now see the PDF online resource in your App.


Note:  PDF files designed for viewing on a computer may not be easy to read on smaller mobile devices - such as phones.   You may find it better to add the PDF content to your app as  text and image sections so that it is fully responsive.  

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