How do I add a video to my App?

MyPhotoApp supports YouTube, Animoto or Vimeo videos. 

To add a video, click on the Add Section button on the builder and select the Video Section.   This will add a video section at the bottom of your app.  In the Layout Sections area, click on the cog next to the Video section you just added.  You can then enter the URL of your video using one of the formats specified and press enter.  The title should fill in and then you can save the section.

If you have a video file hosted elsewhere, you can use an HTML section to add video to your app.  The HTML code you need to enter is:

<video width="100%" controls>
<source src="http://locationofvideo.mp4" type="video/mp4">


It is not possible for Video to be auto played on mobile devices due to limitations imposed by the mobile device operating systems. 

However, it is possible to have video auto play when viewed on a computer, which is useful if you are building a website with your App. You would need to use the html section to add the video in order to enable it. The video section does not have this option.

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