How To Remove Branding From Guest.Pics

Included in your professional subscription, is a complimentary subscription to which lets you create apps for your clients where they can upload and share pictures.  

Normally these apps are branded with   As a professional user, you can eliminate the branding and use your own branding (url) created. When you create an event in, it normally has the url:  where xxxx is the name of your event, and eventtype is the type of event (e.g. wedding, event, party, prom, etc.) .   If you url is, you can then have your events be called . 

You do this by creating an A record for your domain by accessing your domain hosting website.   For each event type you add a wildcard DNS entry.   For example, if you want to create a wedding type guest pic app, you would add a *.wedding entry and have it point to the IP address: 

Here is an example entry for 2 A records added, one for event types, and the other for prom types.   This was created for domain


This was done on .    This will make any url that ends with or route to the guest pics app.   Here is an example: is an app created.   If you visit this app using the url, you will see the branding.  However, if you use you will see the exact same app without branding. 

Unfortunately every domain provider seems to have a different set of tools on how to add A records to your DNS entry and if you are having difficulty adding your A record, you will need to consult with your DNS provider.    When updating the A record, the TTL value is how long it will take for the changes to take effect.

Unlike setting up a custom URL in MyPhotoApp where you have to tell MyPhotoApp what the URL is, in, you do not need to do anything on the site to activate this feature.   It is automatic.




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