Using an App as a Template


There are three ways to quickly achieve a common look or layout for your Apps. 

  1. Create A Template App  

Template Apps are really easy to create and can be designed just the way you want as a model for future Apps.  By only putting in the images and content you want in every App, creating a new App based on a Template App is much faster. You don’t publish Template Apps, and they are identified by a special suffix  _template (e.g.  my_template). 

To save an App as a Template

  1. Select the app you want to use in the APP NAVIGATOR
  2. Click on the SAVE AS TEMPLATE button and type in a suitable name in the NEW TEMPLATE name field – don’t worry about adding the _template suffix as this is done automatically.
  3. Click SAVE AS NEW TEMPLATE and your new template App will appear in the APP NAVIGATOR. 
  4. Select your new template App and make final adjustments or changes you want such as removing any images or content you don't want in the Template App or adding any extra layout sections or images you require.   Your changes will automatically be saved.

Your new Template App is now ready for use.  It's a good idea to create a new folder to store your template Apps in, once you have done this you can just drag the App into the folder. 

To use a Template App

  1. Click on the CREATE APP button
  2. Type in a name for the new App
  3. Choose the template you want to base it on from the drop down list under USE YOUR TEMPLATE   
  4. and Click CREATE APP
  5. Customize the App and add images and other content.
  6. Publish and share.

And there you are all finished.

You can also choose to use one of the Shared MPA templates by clicking on the list ICON to the right of the USE SHARED TEMPLATE field or type in the name of a template someone has shared with you.

You can share one of your Template Apps with other MyPhotoApp users by providing the name of your template and brand in a special syntax like this; brand.app_template  So if your brand is jcphoto and you have a template App called seniors_template another MyPhotoApp user could use your template by typing in the template name: jcphoto.seniors_template in the OTHER TEMPLATE field in the CREATE APP dialog. This is a great resource for sharing new ideas in the MPA Facebook Group and often leads to new features being added to MyPhotoApp!

2.  Duplicate an existing working App

If you have created an App that you want another app to look like, you could just duplicate it.

  1. Right clicking on the App in the APP NAVIGATOR and choose RENAME OR DUPLICATE
  2. For OPERATION TYPE select DUPLICATE and type in a suitable name for the duplicate App
  3. Click on RENAME OR DUPLICATE app and wait for it to finish.

This will make an exact duplicate of the original App including all of the images and gallery images.   The downside to this option is that duplicating images takes time, depending on how many there are, so it is a relatively slow process and you need to be patient. Once the duplicate app is created, you will need to manually delete any images you don't want in the new app.

3.  Set As Default Template  

If you have created a design that you would like to have as the default layout for all your future App you can save it as the new DEFAULT TEMPLATE (previously called default layout).

  1. Select the App you want to save as the DEFAULT TEMPLATE
  2. Click on the SAVE AS TEMPLATE button
  3. Click on the SAVE AS DEFAULT TEMPLATE button

All future Apps will use the new layout and content. When you save a new Default Template Gallery images aren’t saved so the galleries will be blank.  You should only save a layout with the other images you will typically use in all of your apps.   

TIP:  If later on you want to return to using the MPA default system template it's now easy to do so.  But before restoring the system Template, you need create a new blank App, as the changes will also be applied to the currently selected App!

  1. Click on CREATE APP and type in a name and click CREATE NEW APP 
  2. Now click on the SAVE AS TEMPLATE button and click on RESTORE SYSTEM TEMPLATE.
  3. The previously saved template will be replaced with the default MPA system template.

In future new Apps will be based on this layout and content. 


Example Use:  You have created a cool App for your senior clients, and you want to use this App for all senior clients in the future.  

  1. Select the App that you wish to make a template and click on the SAVE AS TEMPLATE button.
  2. Give it a suitable name such as senior, in the NEW TEMPLATE name field (senior can be anything you want e.g. baby, family).
  3. Click on the SAVE AS NEW TEMPLATE and your new template will appear in the APP NAVIGATOR
  4. Select the senior_template App and delete any images that you wouldn't want to use for other clients.  
  5. That's it your template is ready for use.

When you want to use the template, just click on the CREATE APP button and select the senior_template from the drop down list on USE YOUR TEMPLATE section. 


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