Subscription Levels: Basic, Regular, Professional and Elite Licenses Overview

The main differences between the four license types are the capability and advanced features of the Apps you can create based on the sections you can add to the Apps.  


The basic subscription lets you build basic  Apps quickly and easily with your logo, your brand color scheme, one gallery of images, your contact info, and standard share buttons. Just the basics to provide your clients with a Photo App. Simple and quick. This is a great edition if you are just getting started with using Apps. You can have one brand in the basic subscription.  Enhanced features such as custom URLs, forms and pages are not available.  


The regular subscription offers everything that the basic level does and increases the power of the Apps you build by enabling you to build fully customized apps with the addition of value added content options such as, additional buttons, text, music and videos to your Apps. It also lets you arrange the order of the sections in your Apps providing total customization.  You can have 10 brands.


This professional version has all of the features of the regular subscription, but with added enhanced abilities such as interacting with your clients with forms and creating mobile websites with multiple pages. You can create feature rich Apps for all your business, marketing, and client needs. You can also create Apps suitable for other businesses as an additional income stream for your business. There are no additional fees or surcharges for making Apps for other businesses.  This is an ideal subscription for anyone wishing to explore using Apps more in their business or the opportunities to sell Apps to other businesses.  You can have 10 brands.


This license is the ultimate and has everything that MyPhotoApp has to offer.  It has many advanced features and access to additional resources through the Master Class Tab.  CRM is included in Elite subscriptions.   You can have 20 brands. 

If you want to experience the best and all the capabilities of MyPhotoApp, this is the one to choose.




You can upgrade your subscription at any time without losing the value of any remaining credit you have. 


Here are the section types based on the license level.

Basic License Features:

  • Logo - The logo section lets you add your brand logo to your app.
  • Sharing Buttons - This is a special version of the buttons section that is preloaded with app sharing buttons.  The default buttons are Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and via email.  
  • Contract Buttons - This is a special version of the buttons section that is preloaded with two contact buttons.  One button lets people call your studio and the other button lets people email your studio.
  • Gallery - This section lets you add a set of pictures.  When the app comes up, the images are displayed small (thumbnails) using one of 8 layouts from which you can choose.   When a client clicks on a thumbnail, the image takes over the whole screen and the client can swipe to scroll through the pictures. In addition, they can share the individual pictures on various social media sites.
  • Copyright - Adds a copyright line to your app. The copyright section is just a text section pre-filled with copyright text.
  • Apps are hosted while you are an active subscriber.

Regular License Features: (basic level plus)

  • Image - The image section lets you add a single image. 
  • Text - This section lets you add a text block to your app.  If you are using the professional version, checkout the Markdown section as another way to add text to your app.
  • Video - The video section lets you add a YouTube, Vimeo, or Animoto video to your app.
  • Buttons - This lets you add a row of buttons to your app. 
  • Sharing Buttons - You can add buttons to this section if you wish to provide other ways of sharing your app.
  • Contract Buttons - You can add buttons to this section.
  • Lock Button - This adds a button section with a lock button.   The lock button lets your clients lock their app so it cannot be accessed on the mobile device without entering the device password that the client assigns to the app. 
  • Music From Library - MyPhotoApp has a library of music.  This section lets you select one of the built in music selections that you can add to your app.
  • Music You Upload - This will let you upload your own music file to your app.

Professional Features: (regular level plus)

  • Form - This section lets you add a form to your app that will prompt users for information that will be sent to you via email, or you can access from the Form Data tab.  Check out the article How to add a form to an app.
  • Iframe - Iframe section will let you embed urls to other websites or content across the internet. For example, you can embed a google map to your location. Checkout the iframe instructional video for more information.
  • HTML - Permits you to put raw html in your apps. This is for HTML only as javascript is not permitted.  You can either paste in html code provided by others, for example paste in a PayPal buttons that PayPal provides.  Or... you if you know html, you can write your own html content.  
  • Markdown - Markdown lets you add text to your apps using the Markdown text formatting syntax.  Here is an example markdown video.
  • Page - Page is a section that lets you develop multi page apps. Refer to the page instructional video on their use.  You can navigate between the pages using the menu section, or you can add buttons or text to navigate between pages.
  • Menu - Menu is a section that will permit you to be able to navigate between pages. Here is a link to the menu instructional video.
  • Link - This lets you add a link to the menu.  This permits you to have a menu item that takes the user away from the app to another website. The link will appear in the menu and when pressed, will take the person to the website that the link points to.
  • Photo Contest - You can run photo contests where users vote on images.  A great tool to engage your audience and attract new clients.
  • Cart - Lets to assign a price list that is associated with a gallery of images.

Elite Features: (professional level plus)

  • Hero - This section lets you place a hero image on your app.  A hero image is a "full screen" image that will appear in your app.  On wide devices, the image will be like a background image that will stay fixed and the app will scroll over top of it.   On narrow devices (like phones/tablets) the image will scroll like other images.   This is great to make an impactful first impression. 
  • Columns - You can layout content in many columns and optionally have those columns collapse into a single column if you are displaying on a narrow device.   This permits you to create something that is visually pleasing on all device formats as well as insuring that the content is readable. 
  • Font - Provides the ability to upload and use your own font in your apps.
  • Facebook - Makes it easy to provide the content that is displayed when an app is shared on the internet.   It also permits you to upload an image that is used in the facebook post that is much larger than the normal thumbnail image to make your apps stand out even more.
  • Separator - The ability to put a visual separator (line, dots, dashes) between sections.
  • Right Click -  Prohibit people from being able to right click on your app and optionally display a message.
  • Redirect - You can have your app auto redirect people to another location on the internet.  This is useful for when you want to retire or rename an app that people already have links too.
  • Group -  You can group sections together and apply a common background to tie them all together visually.
  • Menu+ - An enhanced menu section that will display menu items across the top of the app on wide devices (like websites look) and on mobile devices collapse the menu down to a menu button that will expand when pressed.
  • Buttons+ - An enhanced button section that extends to the capabilities of the original button section.
  • Action - With the action section, you can control if sections are visible or not based on certain conditions (if the app has been installed or not, and based on the date the app has been opened).  
  • Welcome - The welcome section lets you display a panel before the app is started to be used as either a "welcome" screen or to collected name and/or email information from the users prior to them being able to access the app. 
  • CRM - Client Relationship Management -- see the CRM section below.
  • Content - The content section lets you use content created on the content tab using the content editor.  The content editor lets you easily create gorgeous content by selecting from over 500 content blocks and then editing the content or replacing the images.     

App Lifespan

Standard MyPhotoApp licenses are setup so that your Apps will work as long as you have an active subscription to MyPhotoApp. For the majority of members,  who do not plan to cease their membership, this is the ideal cost effective license that avoids the unnecessary added cost associated with lifetime hosting. 

Monthly subscriptions

All monthly subscriptions are standard licenses without lifetime hosting.   If you want to ensure that your Apps will to continue to work after you ceased to have a subscription you will need to upgrade to an Annual Plan and select the Life time hosting option. 

Annual subscriptions

When you purchase an annual license, you have  two options:

Standard Annual license - Apps will continue to work as long as you have an active MyPhotoApp subscription. You can upgrade your license at any time.

Annual Licence with Lifetime hosting - the lifetime hosting add on ensures that your Active Apps will continue to work even if you stop subscribing to MyPhotApp at some time in the future.  If you offer a guaranteed period for the Apps you provide clients with and wish to have the freedom to stop subscribing to MyPhotoApp at any time in the future without planning you will need to choose this option.

Active Apps are those that continue to be accessed within a specified period after your subscription to MyPhotoApp ceases.  Visit Lifetime Hosting for more detailed information on this option.


CRM - Client Relationship Management

Here are the major features associated with CRM:

Client Database

  • Client contact info
  • Custom notes
  • Custom Tags to segment your clients into various groups
  • Ability to search across all fields
  • Sort by first or last name
  • Ability to export data
  • Ability to import data
  • Ability to send text/emails to client from CRM dashboard. You can also create and send frequently repeated content (Like session preparation info, or directions, or pricing, etc.) Normally the content is used in conjunction with an app, but doesn’t need to be.
  • Ability to send text/emails to multiple (groups) of clients. For example, a great way for a senior photographer to communicate with their model team.

Client Appointments

  • Record client appointments
  • Appointment Notifications automatically sent via text or email or both
  • Ability to totally customize the appointment email/text content
    Photographer (and crew) notified when client confirms or cancels appointment
    Automatic appointment reminders sent 24 hours prior to appointment
  • Ability for client to confirm or cancel appointments from email or text
  • Ability to easily add associates (hair dresser, makeup artist, etc.) to appointment so everyone is kept in the loop.


  • Email interfaces with your Postmark or Mailgun account to send out emails from your personalized address.
  • Text interfaces with your Twilio account to use your own personalized text number.
    Email notifications are pretty html formatted “letters” with company logo to add an extra polish to your customer interaction.

Text Auto Responder

  • Ability to create unlimited auto Reponses to your text number
  • Ability to have a default response when the keyword is not recognized or have those messages automatically forwarded to your business phone number for you to manually deal with.

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