Should I logo, brand or watermark my images?

Q: In the past we give each of our clients a "webpix" which is a low res file of all the images that they order with our logo for them to use on Facebook. We want to use the photo app instead of burning CDS. When they share an image or album on Facebook, does it put my logo on the image or somehow show where the images came from? We were just trying to decide if we should keep the logo on the images when uploading to the photo app? Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated!

A: While this is a personal choice, we would recommend that you at least put a logo on each of your images prior to adding them the MyPhotoApp.   When images or albums are shared on MyPhotoApp, there is text information that goes along with the post, but the image itself doesn't have anything to distinguish the image.   With people having the ability to take screen shots of images, it is possible they can post the image to Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram without any indication the photo came from you. 

To control what text gets viewed on the images, be sure to setup the SEO settings by clicking on the Layout Settings button in the layout area of the builder tab, and then select the SEO tab.  

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