The Importance Of Getting Apps In The Hands Of Your Clients

Creating brand awareness is so important... especially in a crowded market like Photography.  I received an email from a MyPhotoApp users that really drives home the point of how Apps can help drive business to you.  Here is an excerpt of the email:

The other day my wife was talking about how we love myphotoapp. We haven't been using it as much as we should…I just trained our studio manager on it the other day and I've given her about 10 slideshows to create after she finishes her current project. Anyhow, one of our senior rep slideshows that we did last spring has really helped us. She showed it to an acquaintance at a party that had already booked another photog for her senior portraits. She ended up un-booking that photographer and hiring me. Then they got a family session too. All in all it ended up in $6000-plus sale.



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