Network Marketing

A great way to use apps to build your brand and attract more clients is to establish, or strength your existing, vendor relationships and to tap into their client network.  

You do this by creating an app (or mobile website) for their business.  With the powerful branding capabilities on MyPhotoApp it is easy to create a "one off" app that is branded for another business and you don't even need to create a new brand in MyPhotoApp to do it.  

Doesn't every business need an mobile app?  Especially when you demo what an app is and how powerful it can be for your associate vendors.

When you create the app for the vendor, be sure to at least put your contact info on the app, or even have an inquiry form.   You can make it as simple as "app created by xxxx" at the bottom of the app.  

The possibilities are endless, but here are some ideas:

  • A wedding venue has an app of images you have taken at the venue...  wouldn't every vendor coordinator love to share their app with their potential clients?
  • A dance studio has an app with some images you have taken of their clients.  Or for that matter, any vendor where you have taken pictures of their clients.

Once you have built an app for one vendor, building apps for other vendors are easier for you since you have done it once and for getting other vendors to buy into the idea...  Hey I built this app for Joe and he loves it, would you like me to build one for you as well?   

Once you build the app, if the client has a email (or text number list), they can blast out an announcement to their clients about their cool new app and thank you for creating it for them.

You don't need to do this for free either. 

The possibilities are endless and this is a perfect activity to do... especially during your slow season when you have more time on your hands.

Here is a related article on how to actually make an app for the business:

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