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The Apps you create with MyPhotoApp are Mobile Web Apps (HTML5), in effect custom websites, and every App you create has its own unique URL or web address.  By default, Apps use the MyPhotoApp domain but if you prefer you can choose to 'White Label' the Apps you create so that they use a URL (domain name) of your choosing instead of the default MyPhotoApp domain.

Tip: If you are confident working with domains and their settings in your domain host providers control panel you can click on the Setup Tab in the builder and then on the Custom URL tab to find basic instructions on how to add your own custom URL to your MyPhotoApp Brand.

The Default App URL

When you create an App it will have a unique URL that has 3 elements and will usually look something like this:

By default, the first part of the URL is the domain used by the MyPhotoApp Builder for Apps:   

The second element is your brand name, in this example /inspirationsphotography and finally, the third element is the App name, this is the one you assigned when you created the new App in the builder   /VizslaFavorites

For many people, this is all they need and they continue to create, use and share their Apps using the default URL.  But if you would like to offer a more customized experience to your clients you may prefer to have the Apps use your own custom domain or subdomain


What Is A Custom URL?

A custom URL or domain is where the default MyPhotoApp domain is replaced with one specified by you.  This is done by setting your own domain or sub-domains URL to point to the MyPhotoApp server so that in future the Apps for that domain will use the new domain name in their URL instead of . 

A custom URL does not include the MyPhotoApp Brand name in the App URL and consists of only the Custom URL and App name like this   


Setting a Custom URL up for a Brand is permanent and cannot be changed later without breaking existing Apps. It is, therefore, important that you make the right choices before verifying and saving a new Custom URL.  You should think carefully about how you are already using MyPhotoApp and what you want to achieve by setting up a Custom URL

Answering the following questions will help you decide whether or not you can use the domain URL or will need to use a subdomain URL instead:

1.  Do you want to set a Custom URL for more than one MyPhotoApp Brand

If so you will either need a different Domain URL for each brand or multiple subdomains of a domain if you only have the one.

2.  Do you want to create a website for this Brand using MyphotoApp?

If you wish to create a website using MyPhotoApp you will need a dedicated URL for MyPhotoApp that is not used anywhere else. 

3.  Do you already have a website hosted elsewhere that uses the Domain URL you want to use as a custom URL for MyPhotoApp

If so or if you intend to create one that is hosted elsewhere you will either need to use a subdomain URL for MyPhotoApp or a different domain URL.

4. Have you already created Apps for the brand you want to set a Custom URL for using the default URL that you have distributed to clients?

If yes adding a Custom URL will cause them to break as the URL will change for all Apps in the brand.  If you want to use a Custom URL in this circumstance you will need to start again and add a new brand to set up the custom URL in and use this for future Apps leaving your existing Apps unharmed in the original brand.

5.  Do you use the Https Builder website?  currently custom URL's are not yet supported on the Https builder. 


Important: Once you select a Custom URL  and save it, you cannot switch versions at a later date without breaking the apps you published on the previous format type


When To Use the Domain URL or A Sub-Domain URL

Custom URL's are Brand specific and you need a different domain or sub-domain URL for each Brand you want to set up a custom URL for.  You can only set one custom URL per brand.

If you have a NEW domain name that is not currently in use, and you want to use it ONLY for MyPhotoApp you will first need to set it up with your domain host ready to use with MyPhotoApp before you can set up a custom URL click below for instructions on how to do this and then return and continue from Step 2:

New Domain Setup

If you want to use an existing domain name that already has a website hosted on it. You will need to create a subdomain for MyPhotoApp to use and should follow the instructions below.


Setting Up The Custom URL For Your Brand 

If you have more than one Brand select the Brand you wish to set up a Custom URL for and then click on the Setup tab and then on the Custom URL tab.


1.  Create a Subdomain  

Go to your domain name provider/host and in the domain control panel, set up a new CNAME record (sometimes referred to as an alias, subdomain or zone record) then have it point to This will cause your new subdomain to be directed to go to the MyPhotoApp server. A subdomain can be anything you like for example, or

NOTE: creating a CNAME is NOT the same as setting up a REDIRECT, which will not work.

To give you an idea of what yours should look like here is an example of what the CNAME record looks like on Godaddy for a new subdomain

Note: Every domain provider has slightly different settings and options and you should check out their help files or contact their support for advice on how to do this if you are stuck.


2. Add your new Subdomain or Domain

Next enter the new subdomain or domain that you wish to use as your Custom URL (without the http://) in the Custom URL Box.

This tells MyPhotoApp to use your Custom URL in future when generating the URL for the Apps you create.

If you are using a subdomain, like apps, you would enter, and if you are using a domain that you have set up to only use with MyPhotoApp, you would enter 

Remember existing Apps created in this Brand using the URL will break after verifying and saving the new Custom URL and republishing them.  To avoid this you should use a new brand instead. 

4.  Verify and Save your custom URL

Double check that you have correctly entered your custom URL. You will see a preview of what your app URLs will look like depending on whether you are using a domain or subdomain:  (subdomain)  (domain)

To finish click the button to confirm everything is set up properly and apply the new Custom URL.

Once you have set up a custom URL  you cannot change either the type of Custom URL you originally set or the URL for that Brand without breaking the Apps you have created.

It may take an hour or more for the new Custom URL to work. This is dependent on how quickly any new subdomain is verified and how quickly details are confirmed to the MYPhoto App server. 


If you have already created Apps in this brand you will need to republish them so they will use the new Custom URL and continue to work.

Finally, if you haven't already done so, create an app for your website or master business App and call it Index.  This will be displayed whenever anyone enters your custom URL in a browser just like a traditional webpage.   




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