Custom Sections - Save a section (like a form) and reuse them

Yes, it is by using a feature called custom sections and there is an instructional Video that shows you how.

You can use this technique to copy a section from one app to another app. 

Custom sections save content (words, settings), but do not save media.

Here are written instructions provided by Nancy Wagner:


Save Custom Section
- First step – need to Save your selected Custom Section
- Click/hold in middle of section box, as if going to re-arrange.

-Drag like going to re-arrange – keep moving up, drop onto “Add Section/+”

- Will see pop-up:  “Custom Section Added: [section Title]”

-Click Close

- Caution – Be sure to click right in middle and drag straight up!

To view Saved Custom Section -

-          When created, click “Add Section” button.

-          New pop-up box: “Add A New Layout Section”

-          At bottom, will see – “Custom Sections” – where your Custom Section/s are listed

-          In future, can click a selected Custom Section to add to app.

To make changes to Custom Section -

-          Sample: Model Application

-          Click “Add Section/+” box

-          See “Custom Sections” at bottom of pop-up box

-          Cannot change an individual Custom Section  in “Add New Layout Section,” so …

-          Close “Custom Sections” pop-up

-          Go to the Custom Section (example: Model Application) in the left column/Layout Sections

-          Click cog (left of section) which opens Form Settings pop-up box

-          Make changes as you would in app creation

-          Then, drag straight up to “Add Section/+” box from below in Layout Sections column

When “Add Section/+” box is clicked, and “New Layout Section” pop up box opens, you’ll see two/2 Custom Sections at bottom.

In example: 1- Model Application & 2- Model Application (the modified section).

-          If you want to have different Custom Sections in a template, leave all the Custom Sections

-          If you want to have only certain Custom Sections in an individual app, just drag any you do NOT want included into the Trash (trash in the Add a New Layout Section/pop-up box)

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