Referral Program and Account Credits

Share your brand ID with new users and receive a $50 credit.  Have them enter your brand ID in the referral code field on the license tab when they are subscribing for the first time and they will get a 20% discount on their subscription.   You in return will receive a $50 credit added to your account. You both get rewarded!

They must use your referral code when they subscribe in order for you to receive credit.   There is no retro credit for anyone not using your referral code at time of purchase.  

You will be notified via email instantly when your referral code is used. 

You can use your credit for up to 80% of the annual renewal subscription amount.

Credits expire if your account expires.  

If you are on a yearly subscription plan, and your credit exceeds $250, the excess will be paid directly to you via PayPal in December of each year. You must have an active account to receive a payment.

If you are on a monthly subscription plan and have been so for at least 6 months, any credit you have on your account will be paid directly to you via PayPal in December of each year.  You will get all of your credit paid out.  

If your referral subscribes and asks for a refund, your credit will be reversed.  

Your credit amount is listed on the license tab.  

You find your brand in the upper right hand corner of the builder screen next to the word brand. My brand id is demo in this screen capture:

If you have multiple brands, you can use any of them.   

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