How to Change Your Brand Logo

When you first set up your Brand using the QUICK SET-UP Button you normally upload a Jpeg image of your Logo, add your contact details and select your colour scheme. When new Apps are created these settings are then applied.  

Previously, updating the Logo image in a new App ALSO updated the logo saved in the Brand setup and future apps would be created with the new Logo image. This was not always desirable as most people will never need, or want, to change the logo for their MyPhotoApp brand once it has been set-up.

Following release 7.9 of MyPhotoApp this no longer happens.  

To Replace Your Brand Logo With a New One

If you want to change your Brand logo permanently so that it is applied to future Apps you will need to do so in QUICK SET-UP as follows:

  1. Click on the QUICK SET-UP button 
  2. Either drag and drop your new Logo Jpeg or 
  3. Click on upload logo Jpeg file and select the New Logo Jpeg file
  4. When the file has finished uploading click DONE to apply the change.
  5. Your new Logo will be applied to ALL future App you create.


To Replace The Logo In An Individual App Only

If you want to create a one-off App with a different logo for example, for a business vendor, this is now really easy to do.

  1. Open or create the App you wish to change the logo image in
  2. Click on the existing logo in the APP DESIGN or click on the settings cog on the Logo Layout Section to open the LOGO SETTINGS
  3. Click the Logo image or upload arrow and select the new Logo image File

The logo will be changed for just THIS App 

These changes make it much easier to create fully customised apps with different brand IDs

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