How To Copy Apps To Another Brand

People sometimes ask "How can I copy an App to one of my other MyPhotoApp brands?". This is usually because they want to use the same format for Apps in different Brands, but with a few changes to some of the settings such as the colors of the buttons, etc.  After all why waste time recreating Apps from scratch if all you need to do is change the colour of the buttons, contact details or perhaps the logo?

You can't physically move Apps between different Brands but you can easily create a copy of an existing App or App Template you have already created.  

Create A New App Using The Shared Template Option

If you have already created an App or a template you can easily create a new identical App in another Brand in a few simple steps.

  • Switch to the Brand you want to copy your App too.
  • Click on Create App and enter a name for your new App e.g SubmitFavorites.
  • In the Use Shared Template box type in the Brand name where the App or Template is - followed by a point and then the name of the App or Template. so it should look something like this InspirationsPhotography.SubmitFavorites or if you want to use a Template you have saved like this InspirationsPhotography.SubmitFavorites_template 

  • Now click Create New App.
  • You have successfully created a copy of your original SubmitFavorites App or Template.
  • You will see your new App in the App Navigator
  • You can now customize your App for this Brand.

So anytime you want to use an exiting App as a start point all you have to do is choose Shared Template and type in the name of the App or the Template you want to use. 


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