How To Add A Button To Share The App Via Text Message

For those who want to add a button where people can share their app via a text message (sms) message, here is a video:

If the video is too small to read, you can expand it to full screen.

Here are written instructions on how to add a new button to the sharing line that will let your app users share their app via a text button:

Because mobile devices won't let you pre-fill a text message with content automatically, the process is to provide a user with a link to the app that they can copy and paste into the text message.  

    1. In the layout section area, click on the cog next to share buttons section to open the button settings dialog.
    2. Click the "add a standard button" button.
    3. This will pop up a dialog to let you select a button.  There are over 500 buttons.  The button I use for text messaging is called the comment button.  You can type in comment in the filter box to have it pop up.   But you can choose whatever button you want by clicking on it. 
    4. This will bring you back to the button settings dialog with the new icon added to the row of buttons.    Click on the new icon you just added to edit that button.
    5. Change the type of the button from Link to Text Box. 
    6. Enter the text as shown below or change the wording to your liking.   The %URL% line is important as it is a macro and when your app is running, it will replace the %URL% with the actual url of the app.  The letters in %URL% need to be uppercase.  This is handy so that you don't need to change the text box to update the URL for every new app you create.
    7. Select the last line by clicking and dragging over it it with your mouse and then click on the link icon on the tool bar to bring up the dialog to give the the text a link.  Then enter sms:// in the url box and click insert.
    8. Click save in the lower right to save your button changes. 
    9. Click save again to get back to the builder and you should see your new button on the app in the visual design.

If you want the text icon to be a default icon included in all of your apps, you can click on the "save layout" button to cause the builder to use your current layout for all future apps. 

You can publish your app and test the new button.  But note that since you can't do a text message from your computer, it won't work if you click on the "start text message" link.  You will need to try that on an actual mobile device. 

Thanks to Nancy Wagner for creating these instructions. 


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