How To Add A Button To Contact or Share Via Text Message

It is now easy to add a contact button for your clients to either share their App with others via text or send you an SMS text message.  

The standard share button section used in the default MPA template includes a share by Text button

Here is how to add a new contact by text button that will let your app users contact you via a text to your mobile phone to the Contact Button section:

1.  Click the settings cog to open the button settings menu.

2.  Click on add standard button to open the Select Icon.

There are over 500 buttons.  You can type in a keyword in the filter box to search for the icon you are looking for to see if it is included or scroll through and choose an icon for your button. To add a contact by Text button search for 'comment' to bring up some suitable icons. Click on the icon you want to return to the button settings menu.  


3.  You will see the new button icon on the right of the row of buttons.    

Click on the new button icon you just added to edit the button settings, the button type will automatically be set to Link.  Enter the syntax for the new contact method you are adding, in this case, a  button that will send an SMS text message to a mobile so the syntax is sms:xxx xxxx xxxx where the x's are the mobile phone number you want them to text. 

4.  Click save in the lower right to save your button changes. See below for some popular examples. 

5.  Click Save again to close the button settings and return to the builder and you should see your new button in the visual design.  

6.  Next, publish your App and test out your new button.

NOTE: SMS text buttons will not work on a computer, even an iMac with iMessage, so you will need to check out the App on a mobile device. 

If you want the text icon to be a default icon included in all of your apps, you can click on the save as template menu icon and click save as default template to cause the builder to use your current layout for all future apps.  Alternatively, you can right-click on the updated Button section and save it as a custom section to use as and when you want.


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