How Cook Designer Portraits Sells The App

This is Mrs. MPA aka Big Boss at our studio Cook Designer Portraits ....I do all of our in person sales sessions and our clients absolutely love their apps we do for them. We use them as a bonus level item for a certain level of sale - varies depending on if it is a senior, children's limited edition, pageant , etc. session. We use this as a brand awareness/buzz tool for our studio --to help get our name out and for our model team applications. We have seen an increase in model applications since switching to the application being on the app. The teenagers are always on their phone and they simply click on the link & fill out the app right on their phone, sign & submit.
The main key to getting clients excited about their app is to show them how it works during the sales session along with examples of how to use it. I pull an app up on my phone and say "This is such a great way to show off your child's portraits to your friends when you see them in the grocery store. It's so much faster than having to find the portraits on Facebook. You can also share the app with your family members and any friends you want. All our clients love it " They will sometimes ask me "so they can have it on their phone too?" When I answer yes they usually say that's great they are gonna love it. I then tell them that most of our clients use these as their "modern wallets" because hardly anyone carries wallet pictures in their wallets anymore. They say - "that's right I don't have any in my wallet". Once they know they are getting an app, they always say " these images will be on my app won't they". Before they leave they usually ask "when did you say we'd be getting the app?" -- they aren't worried about when their beautiful wall portrait and album order will be ready but when they are getting the app. Some of the moms will also message to ask about when the app will be ready and not mention their order. I've found that the moms and grandmothers are the ones excited about the apps. Seniors really don't care. Seniors definitely want the app and share their pics on social media. They just don't show as much excitement in the order session as mom does.

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