Clipboard - Copy Section To Other Apps and Across Brands

MyPhotoApp has a clipboard function that lets you copy sections and insert them in other apps in the current brand and in order brands as well.   Here is how you do it.  

One the right hand side of the section you want to copy, you click on the Copy Section To Clipboard icon like in the image below.


Once you add a section to the clipboard, the clipboard icon will appear on the Layout Sections title line.   To add the section in the clipboard to a current app, just click on the icon and it will be added to the current app.   Only one section resides on the clipboard at a time.


Example.  Say you want to copy a section (Sec1)  from one app (brand1.app1) to another app in a different brand (brand2.app2).   You would first bring up app1 from brand1 in the builder.   You would click on the clipboard icon on the right hand side of the section Sec1 to copy it to the clipboard.   You would then select brand2 and then select app2 and then click on the clipboard icon to the right of the Layout Sections header line to paste it into the app.  

Here is a video that shows it in action:


New in version 9.1

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