Using The IPS Proofing Gallery

The Proofing Gallery is provided to allow you to select your images for your chosen products and submit them to the studio.   It consists of a Menu on the left and an Image Preview area on the right.  When first opened the images are displayed in Thumbnail view, in Medium size, with All Images displayed and selected as Favorites Thumbs up to be included in your Proof selection.

Follow these steps to choose your photos

1.  Previewing Images

  • To preview your images in a Slideshow click Slideshow on the menu or press S on your keyboard.  Click 'X' to return to the thumbnail view.   
  • To review images individually click Compare on the menu or press C on your keyboard with one or no images selected to switch to single image mode.
  • Press Next one on the menu or the right navigation arrow on your keyboard to move to the next image in the gallery. The Left Arrow will go back to the previous image. 
  • to compare multiple images select the images in thumbnail view and then click Compare or press C.
  • Click Compare Next One, Two or Three on the menu to move to the next set of images in the gallery or press the right navigation arrow on your keyboard.  The Left Arrow will show the previous set of images. 
  • To Exit Compare mode, click Thumbnails on the menu or press ESC key to return to Thumbnail view and the full Gallery.

2.  How To Select & Rate Images

You can Select and Rate images in Compare or Thumbnail views. 

  • Click the Thumb symbol on an image to change the rating to Thumbs down and remove it from your selection, The image border will change from green to red, click again to change back to Thumbs up and green.
  • Click the Star rating you wish to apply to an image or press 1-5 to apply that number of stars to all selected images.  Star ratings can be used to classify images for a particular product or finish. 
  • To remove a star rating click on the rightmost highlighted star or press 0 to remove all stars from any selected images.
  • In Thumbnail view click the Magnifier to change the thumbnail size from medium to large or small
  • Click Filter to view Thumbs up, Thumbs down or All images.
  • Click individual images to select or unselect them or the unselect icon to unselect multiple images.
  • On a PC apply Thumb ratings to multiple selected images using the down arrow for reject Thumbs down and the up arrow for select Thumbs up.  
  • Click Compare to view multiple selected images and click Next 1, 2 or 3 to Compare the next images in the Gallery

3.  To Sort or Change The Order of Images

  • Click Sort to arrange images from high to low Star rating and click again to arrange from low to high star rating.
  • On a PC you can move images using the 4-way arrow Move icon. 
  • On a tablet to move images Tap the Circle icon in the upper left-hand corner of an image to select it, the circle will then turn black.   Then Tap on the image you want to move the selected image(s) in front of to move them to the left of that image.

4.  Checking Your Selection

  • Click fullscreen or press F to view images in full-screen mode,  use the left & right arrow keys on a computer or swipe on a tablet to view the next or previous image.

NOTE: There are no rating controls in Full-screen mode, use the Single Image Compare mode instead to be able to add or change ratings.

  • Press the ESC key or Thumbnail to return to the full Gallery.
  • Click Save at any time to remember your choices and return to the app later to continue. 

5. Finalizing Your Selection

  • When you have finished making your selection click Save and then Submit to view your proof submission.
  • Check your selection and add any notes for the studio regarding your selection. 
  • You can remove images by clicking the thumb icon or by returning to the thumbnail view by pressing the thumbnail or ESC  to make further selections and changes. 
  • Click the Submit to Studio button once you are happy with your Proof Submission to send it to the studio. 

Click Save again before exiting the Proof gallery to save any changes you have made.

Click Exit to return to the App.

Once you have submitted your image selection the studio will be in touch with full details of your order, payment options and delivery. 

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