Pop Up Section

The new pop up section is designed to allow you to deliver a message, special offer or other invitation to people checking out your app.  This is great if you have an information app your send out in response to inquiries.

It works in a similar way to the welcome section but with a few key differences:

1. The Popup appears in one of 2 ways:

  • After x number of seconds which you tick the timer box and specify the time, the default is 10 seconds or
  • Manually when a button in the App with a call to action is pressed. 

2. Unlike the Welcome section, the user is not forced to do anything and can choose to close the dialog by pressing the black cross at the top if they want.

Setting Up Your Pop Up Section

After adding your Pop-up section click on the settings Cog to beginning setting up your Pop up by choosing the basic pop up settings.






When information is submitted it sends it to you via email and stores the data on the forms tab. 

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