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When you log in to the builder, you can choose to use either

  • or

Depending if you use the HTTP or HTTPS URL, determines if your apps will use the HTTP or https protocol when they are published.  

Custom URL's are currently only supported for HTTP  URLs, as a specific security certificate is required for each brand that has a Custom URL in an account.  The security certificate needs to be manually set up for MyPhotoApp use. 

The current requirements for HTTPS to be set up for a Custom URL are as follows:

1.  Only Elite Accounts are eligible to have HTTPS for Custom-URLs.
2.  You will need to acquire your own SSL certificates for each brand and Custom URL you have.
3.  To start the process simply open a support ticket with your request and details of your security certificate. 

Expect 1-2 days for a security certificate to be applied to your MyPhotoApp account and for HTTPS to be working.  

Recent changes to how Google and Apple IOS deals with Http sites have led to App users receiving browser messages warning that HTTP URLs may pose a threat.   This type of warning is only actually a concern if personal financial details are input into a site using HTTP rather than the more secure HTTPS.   Any links to third party payment options added to your Apps are not processed by MyPhotapp but by the third party provider and therefore remain secure. 

We are currently working on ways to improve the Https builder as this is the future of web content. 


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