IPS Section

Keyboard Shortcuts do not work on cart view.

ESC - exit

c - comparison view

t - thumbnail view

u - unselect all

s - save data to server

1 - show next image in comparison view

2 - show next 2 images in comparison view

3-6 - show next 3, 4, 5 or 6 images in comparison view

The ips function works in conjunction with the cart function.  The cart section is optional, but if there, it uses the cart to:

(1) define the monetary symbol

(2) define the tax rate

(3) define items that can be added to the IPS cart



ESC exits the slideshow early.

Timing is either a fix time period, you you can set a custom time for the photos to change.

To set custom timing, you can enter enter the values or press the "add time marker" button.

You press the add time marker to start the music playing and then click it again each time you want the photo to change.   

For custom timing, if you have more slides than timing marks, the slides without marks will play for 4 seconds. 



If you publish the app again, IPS is reset (e.g. everything is a favorite and the checkout cart is empty).  

You can only re-arrange images on a computer, and not a mobile device.


On mobile devices, to move an image on the thumbnail, you click on the circle in the upper left hand corner of the image(s) you want to move and it will turn black.   That selects the images.   Then to move them, just tap on a particular image and the images will be moved in front of the image you tapped on.

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