Loyalty Program Section

You can add a loyalty program to your apps.    A loyalty program is where after a person visits an establishment after a number of times, they receive a reward. 

Once you add a loyalty section to an app, each time a person visits an establishment, they hand their device to a business representative who will enter a secret code to add 1 stamp to the app.   Once they have completed the number of visits, they will be shown an image that you provide to let them know that they have achieved the goal.  

Here is the form:


You can select the icon you want to be displayed for each visit.    You specify the number of visits required to redeem the reward.   You enter a secret code that the business representative will type in to stamp the card, and finally you enter an image you want displayed once the number of visits have been achieved.  

Typically you will add a section, like an image or document, above this section to explain the loyalty program and what reward they will achieve once they have completed the requisite visits. 

This is what the card will look like on the app while it is being filled up.   This shows an example of 1 visit stamped with a coffee cup.  

When the stamp card button is pressed, this is what will be displayed for the business representative to enter the card and stamp it. 


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