How To Prevent Anyone From Accessing An App

Occasionally you may need to prevent people from having further access to an App you have already provided the URL for.  Perhaps a client has notified you that their mobile phone has been stolen or they have split from a boyfriend who previously had their permission to access an app with private boudoir photos in it or the App contains outdated information. Whatever the reason there are a few simple way to do this:-

1.  Delete the App - if the information is no longer needed simply delete the App and no one will be able to access it again. 

2.  Rename the App -  If you want to allow some people continued access to the App just rename it and provide the new URL to those people.  Anyone with the old URL will no longer have access to the App

3.  Set an App expiry date -  If you only want to temporarily restrict access to the App you can set an App expiry date for a date earlier than the current date and then republish the App.  When you want to allow access again you simply remove the expiration date and republish the App again to reactivate it.

NOTE: When an app has been saved to a device home screen it will continue to work when the device remains off line, as soon as the device goes online it will cease to work.


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